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Self Health Hamper

Self Health Hamper


Energising Eye Roller

Coffee infused cold press oil. Created over a 3 week process using surplus coffee grains and homemade cold press oil. We use seasonal seeds sourced from local farms here in the Peak District.


Skin Saving Facial Serum

A blend of cold press Rosehip oil created in our Kitchen Lab blended with a floral oil of something seasonal additionally we add the extra special Hempen CoOperatives organically grown U.K CBD oil. 


Beneficial Body Balm 

Using native plants we dehydrate and powder them. We add that powder into our ever loving bees wax and finally use one of our home infused floral oils foraged in the 300 acres surrounding our Kitchen Lab.


If you would like this balm to target anything specific please notify us and we'd be happy to cater the recipe around your needs.


Seasonal Soap w/ Hemp Scrubber

This is a package free multi-purpose soap bar. Great for moisturising the body but also cleaning the hair and cleansing the scalp. Using our homemade cold-press oils, natural forming agents, antibacterial plant extracts and our second life silcone moulds we've created one of our most sucessful products! Our gift to you is a hemp fibre scrub for your soap to sit in so none gets wasted.


Mind & Muscle Soothing Bath Salts

Amazing blend of calming flora infused in Cornish Rock Salts. A mix of magnesium, CBD, Chamomile, Horse Chestnut, Lavender. Some of the ingredients are interchangable, please let us know if you have any preference.


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