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Surface Cleaner

Surface Cleaner


Refil Option. 


With all our products we suggest choosing the 5L option. 

Once your finishing up your 500ml simply scan the QR code on the label of your bottle and it'll notify us to come and collect then refil ,all within one day. 


Wholesale purchasing is the most ecnomical and enviromentally friendly option, with products that have a long sell-by-date it should be the only choice.

The issue we noticed was physically storing these wholesale items and the requirement to refill! 

So here we are, your local stock room and supplier.


With this purchase you get...

Empty 500ml Spray Bottle.

Full 5L of Natural U.K Made Fabric Softener Small scale production and lab tested. 

Free Refils. 

Free storage of your 5L Product. 



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